Advanced Classical Genetics Assessment

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From eye colour in fruit flies to tail length in dogs, there are many examples of inheritance in nature that go beyond simple dominance. In this assessment, you will use Punnett squares to solve problems involving incomplete and sex-linked traits.



Your task is to solve the following problems. For each, you must provide a written response with a supporting Punnett square. Your Punnett square should be drawn by hand.




You will need to scan the images of each solution and submit all images as a single document.


  1. In the eastern collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris, commonly known as Mountain Boomers, the genes for length of tail exhibit “incomplete” dominance. Use a Punnett Square to predict the result of a cross between a homozygous Long-tailed and a homozygous Short-tailed Mountain Boomer. Use a Punnett square to predict what the offspring will look like?
  2. Colour-blindness is a sex-linked recessive trait. A woman of normal vision, whose father was colour-blind marries a man of normal vision whose maternal grandfather was colour-blind. What type of vision will be expected in their children?


Assessment Details


Your submission should include the following:


Your written responses for all questions in the assessment.

A supporting Punnett square for all questions in the assessment.


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