Business IT and Society Issues


The manager of the business consortium would now like a report to help him understand the legal, ethical and regulatory issues in IT. He will then be able to use this information in meetings with any new business leaders who are considering joining the consortium. Your report should cover the following points:an evaluation of the current legal, ethical and regulatory issues in ITan assessment of the importance of ethical guidelines in ITIn addition in order to help him understand the information in a stated context, he has specifically asked you to include a section in the report which: evaluates the impact of one current legal, ethical or regulatory issue in IT on a specific and identified organisation.

Criteria: The learnerswill produce a comprehensive report which addresses all the criteria in this task. They will evaluate current legal, ethical andregulatory issues in IT. They should use recent case law to enhance their arguments.Learners will assess the importance to an organisation of ethical guidelines in IT and they will link this to benefits to an organisation of behaving ethically in digital society.Learners will evaluate the impact of one current legal, ethical or regulatory issuein IT on a chosen organisation. In completing this task learnersmust have access to specific information on an organisation to facilitate the evaluation required.


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