Immigration Law – Immigration Detention & COVID-19

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The UK’s immigration detention system has faced a lot of foreign and domestic criticism in recent years over alleged human rights violations, I want to examine how it was operating before the pandemic and whether or not it has changed at all (for better or for worse). Specifically whether or not it is ethical, or even legal, to continue to detain some of these individuals that have been denied release despite the known health risks. There is significant evidence to suggest that the system violates domestic and international law, so I suspect that it has gotten worse since the pandemic started. I have a lot of sources I can forward to the writer as well, but it will not let me upload them here because they’re too big. Doesn’t necessarily need to have 20 sources, but should have quite a few (whatever is necessary really). Can’t be more than 6000 words long though. It needs a bilbliography. Also could use headings and subheadings to keep it orderly. Please contact me for further instructions regarding style, sources, intructions, etc. I can everything.


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