Management; GROW model

Coaching is just one of a range of short to medium-term front-line management interventions that managers can utilise to meet learning, development and particularly performance needs of their team members. For this assignment you are asked to carry out a coaching conversation with a colleague or team member who is grappling with a specific ‘skills gap’ or issue in order to help them improve their performance. Draft an essay on this experience including:

• Explanation of the specific performance gap or issue and how it links to performance.
• Describe the model of coaching and coaching style adopted during the session and the rationale behind your choice. I need to use the GROW model and include examples of questions used as in the attached GROW coaching Frame.
• Reflection on challenges encountered and any key learning on the role of ‘manager as coach’ in the management of performance.

The client would like to use the GROW model of coaching.

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