Dear writer, The final major assignment will build on strategies you developed while crafting the summary-strong response and campaign ad essays. For this essay, you’ll engage with involving a relevant contemporary problem or question — this time with ethical implications. As the authors of your textbook explain in Chapter 12, analysis/synthesis is an intellectual activity you’ll encounter in many academic settings. In fact, the foundation for thoughtful and effective research begins with demonstrating your awareness of a larger conversation and beginning to claim your own place in it. Successful essays will accomplish the following: I. Address a synthesis question and make a claim (thesis) about the readings. 2. Summarize and analyze the views of two writers on this question. 3. Show you have wrestled with different perspectives and articulated your own new view of the question. Consider not only how you’d speak back to these texts but how they’re speaking with each other and what ideas, questions, or conclusions that conversation leaves in your mind. Requirements The paper should be at least five (5) full pages in MLA format (double-spaced, with one-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman preferred). Observe MLA citation practices. Criteria: Your essay will be evaluated on its overall quality. I’ll especially look at: (1) Use of synthesis lens: paper should demonstrate engagement with the other assigned texts (2) Effective analysis: paper must explore rhetorical appeals & elements (i.e. tone, audience) (3) Thesis: Strong thesis statement based on the synthesis lens; thesis must distinguish the student’s position from the position of the texts (4) Textual Support: paper must use the texts as evidence and as a way to complicate your analysis and synthesis. (5) Development: Have you developed your main idea throughout the essay? Can I clearly follow your idea through the essay? (6) Language: Have you used language carefully, precisely, and persuasively? Have you avoided careless errors? (7) Objectivity: In order to build the skill of writing from the objective perspective (meaning, without person bias), the use of “I” and the use of personal examples are not permitted. Instead refer to the campaign ads written about for Paper 2 if you want to cite an example. (8) Have you considered the ethical implications and complications introduced by the articles?


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