ABC aviation company

You are the CEO of a public company, called ABC aviation company. You just found out your Procurement VP has been buying engine parts that are not approved nor do they meet the level of quality required for engine reliability and safety. You have fired the Procurement VP and now you have to communicate this to your employees, airline customers, shareholders, and the FAA. In addition, you will need to communicate the substantial financial loss that the company will experience due to the expense of refurbishing the affected engines sold and for loss of market share due to a negative customer perception. This will impact employee retirement plans and their sticker price.

Using the principles learned over the past three weeks, share how you would approach and communicate to each stakeholder (employee, shareholder, and customers). The paper should be grounded in research and should outline specific techniques where you can implement communication strategies related to ethics and organizational culture.

A possible outline for the paper may be as follows (although you can be creative in your approach). Be sure to use a minimum of 5 sources in your paper (excluding the textbook) and mix theoretical with practical application in your paper.

Organizational Ethics and Communication
Application and Reflection
Organizational Culture and Communicating Change
Application and Reflection


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