Visit the following website. 99U (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. On the toolbar, select Talks. Review the selection and choose ONE talk that appeals to you. Your post should be on an original topic. Check the topics posted on this forum before you select yours. Any post on the same talk as another student’s post will receive reduced credit. Post early for the greatest selection of topics. Go to the website 99U and select Talks in the toolbar. Select one video talk that appeals to you. Do not select articles. Watch the program and take notes. Use the speaker’s name and title of the talk in bold print as the first line of your post. Paragraph #1 (10-15 sentences) Summarize the main ideas. Give specific examples. What conclusions did the speaker make? Paragraph #2: (10-15 sentences) Critique the video. What was your reaction to the speaker’s ideas? Give your analysis of the program. What were the speaker’s best ideas? What were the weak points? Were there any relevant points the speaker neglected to mention? Do you think the ideas are useful? Why did you select this program? Do the ideas relate to you or your experiences in any way? Why do you think this speaker is featured on a creativity website? Make sure you include your comments: “I selected this video because… I think the speaker’s best ideas are….I think these ideas are valuable to me because….” I think the weak points were…” I think these ideas are creative because…”


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