ADP. (2015, March 3). Rethink human capital management [Video file]. Retrieved from Let’s compare this concept with an adverse management practice—utilizing children as workers. Think about companies that do business overseas, and more specifically ones who use child labor. Phillpott (2019) explains that the following companies overseas still use child labor: Nestle, Philip Morris, Microsoft, Apple, and Hershey’s. Phillpott (2019). 10 Companies that Still Use Child Labor. Retrieved from For this SLP 1 assignment, consider what you have learned about the “Human Capital Management” approach to Human Resource Management and contrast that with child labor practices that are reported to still be occurring in some companies overseas. Discuss the contrasting/conflicting roles of HRM that this might create — one that approaches employees as “assets” that should be nurtured and valued, and one that utilizes child labor. Your 2- to 3-page paper should be submitted by the Module 1 due date. Enhance your submission by utilizing at least two valid sources not mentioned in this Module. Submit your paper to the SLP 1 drop box by the Module 1 due date.


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