Adversarial based approaches vs. Non-adversarial Approaches

Adversarial based approaches vs. Non-adversarial Approaches

Compare and contrast one of the adversarial approaches (PBN or RBN) to Transformative Negotiation. If you want you can even read ahead to the next chapter and chose Interest-Based Negotiation as your non-adversarial approach.

Include in your essay an example where either approach might be used; one for the adversarial approach and the other for the non-adversarial approach. These can be from your own life, found on the Internet, or a hypothetical one that you made up. Please do not use any from our textbook, though.

Overall, which approach do you feel is most effective?

Important: You are to take a position based on critical thinking and analysis of the two approaches.

Provide one additional media report (magazine, newspaper, Internet) to help support your above decision (in-text citation & references).


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