AHRQ Paper: Quality and Patient Safety

AHRQ Paper: Quality and Patient Safety

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is focused on supporting health care organizations in developing and implementing organizational cultures which support and promote patient safety. Technology is an important tool that contributes to a culture of patient safety. AHRQ has summarized different technological advancements and organizational processes that promote patient safety.

Your assignment is to complete a paper (4-6 pages in length) that discusses the following:

1. A specific technology that has been implemented in a healthcare setting. The AHRQ site discusses many.

2. The ways in which the technology or process has been demonstrated to improve quality and patient safety.

3. Discuss sources of evidence (beyond that located on the AHRQ site) that supports your position.

4. Discuss how the technology has been observed in the clinical settings that you’ve been in. If you have not observed the application of evidence in a clinical setting, call that out in your discussion and explore additional sources of evidence that correlates the technology to improvements in patient outcomes, quality and safety.


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