Airport Security

Airport Security

To participate in this discussion activity, you need to register for a free account with Medscape (Links to an external site.). After registration, you will gain direct access to the video listed below, which you will need to review in order to address the discussion questions.

Medscape video-Emergency Medical Response to Terrorist Bombings: Lessons Learned From Boston and Brussels (Links to an external site.) – Dr. Robert Glatter and Dr. Paul D. Biddinger, April 11, 2016. Duration (16:52). A transcriptPreview the document of the video is also available on the Medscape video pages.

Answer the following questions relating back to the Medscape video:

What were the ‘lessons learned’ in the Boston Marathon event that can be applied to an airport/ARFF incident?

What were the various types of Communications networks/systems used in the Boston event?

What type of pre-emergency planning efforts were utilized for these incidents? Would you add any more?

Would a ‘Mass Casualty Protocol’ for the health industry be able to learn any valuable lessons from a triennial airport exercise? In which ways?

Your response should contain at least 200-300 words and replies must be substantial.


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