Alcohol in Colonial America

Alcohol in Colonial America

Peter Mancall argued that whites’ interpretations of Indian drinking supported the “otherization” of native groups across North America.

Sarah Hand Meachem placed brewing and cidering practices at the center of gender identities in the Chesapeake.

Choose either of these examples, and write a 4-page essay examining the role of alcohol in the creation of social constructions.

How did early Americans use language, ideas, imagery, and other kinds of discourse to develop certain ideas about whites and Indians, or about men and women?

In your answer, be sure to explain what those ideas were, and why they emerged from the particular historical contexts of colonial America.

Who stood to benefit?

Were these social constructions always consensual, or did various historical actors work to contest or resist prevailing understandings?

All of the information regarding to the paper is in the file named “short essay prompt” there is a checklist FOLLOW the checklist when you are done to make sure everything is in order.


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