Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study

The most important here are the slides, if these are well done we do not need to worry about the paper itself.

The focus is supply chain management and the questions to consider and focus are:

1) What are apples relationships with its suppliers like? Now, are these relationships different than what smaller company might have?

2) Review apple supply chain for iPhone. How does it differ from its competitors?

3) What are apples key advantages in how it manages its suppy chain operational? Support your analysis with date from the case.

The case is the main source to be used but feel free to use up-to-date information in case that helps support points in the document.

Slide 1 – leave it blank (don’t worry about this)

Slide 2 – Agenda List of key topics to be covered – sets expectations

Slide 3 – Problem statement – what is the case study about and why is it important to the firm

Slide 4 – What has caused the problem? – set the context of the firm, and its problem (Internal issues and/or external issues)

Slide 5– What is the underlying data that illustrates the problem? Where is the data sourced? Is it reliable? Biased? Complete?

Slide 6 – What is the team’s approach to solve the problem? What data was used or should be used? What resources did the team explored?

Slide 7 –What is the team’s recommendation? What data and supply chain process changes are required to be monitor if the changes are effective. What are the key assumptions? What are the risks of making these changes?

Slide 8– Next steps: When and who should make changes


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