apple company

apple company

The purpose of these discussion board postings are to allow you to research a <link is hidden> based company, as well as allow your classmates to learn about your company and their leadership.

An additional purpose is to have you become familiar with researching an assignment, using appropriate business sources and properly documenting your work.

You are to analyze a company of your choice to be approved by me. Once the company is approved, you may not switch companies.

Everyone must do a different company. The first to post, will get the company, if students pick the same company. You are expected to check the other students posts, before picking your company.

Note: If you had me for BUS100, you must use a different company than you used in that course.

Posting Guidelines:

The company must be a publicly traded company based in the United States, meaning that investors could buy stock in the company.

The larger the company, the easier the research will be.


1st substantial paragraph: Explain what the company does in general.

2nd substantial paragraph: Explain why you choose this company.

Document all sources in text and Works cited at end of post using MLA style


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