are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

For Essay 1 you will NOT be taking a side on the topic or trying to persuade your reader. Instead you will be analyzing the issue, discussing both sides, and identifying the main claims and arguments for both sides of the topic. Your essay should have an introduction, two or more body paragraphs and a conclusion to wrap up your main points and leave readers with something to think about.

In your essay include the following:

1. Your topic

2. The two sides of the issue and the claims made by both sides.

3. Identify at least one way each side supports a claim.

4. Stay neutral. Your goal is to explore, analyze and understand how the topic is being argued in the public realm.

Remember to follow the MLA format for submitting your paper:

* Double spaced

* 2 Credible Sources

* 500-750 words in length

* 12-point font

* In-text citations and works cited page in MLA Format

* MLA Format for name, etc.

The topic I am choosing for this argumentative essay is, “are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?” I picked this topic because I believe I can write a decent paper about this topic. As I was going through the attached document, I asked myself these questions; do I have somewhat a strong opinion of the subject, can I come up with a good thesis statement for the chosen topic, and is it something I am interested in researching about? The answer to all three of my questions was, yes! I remembered taking a political and constitution class a couple of years back. One of the chapters was about the people’s right to privacy over national security, which I thought was interesting. Also, at that time, a hot topic in America was cameras and facial recognition. Some people believed it was for the safety of this country, and of course, some believe it was an invasion of the people’s privacy. Even though I believe there is justification for both sides of the topic, my stance for this paper is that law enforcement cameras in American is not an invasion of privacy, but the protection of national security. With all this, I believe I can write an excellent argumentative essay with a counter-argument and plenty of examples to back up my point.


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