Aristophanes’ critique of sophists in the Clouds

Aristophanes’ critique of sophists in the Clouds


– Using Information from the plays and assigned introductions, examine Aristophanes’ critique of sophists in the Clouds in order to highlight the threats that sophists posed to Athens during the 420s BCE when Athens was at war with Sparta. In particular, you should consider how Aristophanes portrayed the influence of demagogues in Athenian politics and what the sophists’ influence on such demagogues was.


– Using one of these questions as a prompt, write an analytical essay. Formulate a thesis, present evidence, and suggest a conclusion based on your analysis. Avoid narration. Analyze the subject matter at hand. Stay within the 750-word limit, which does not include footnotes, titles, and bibliography. Use page numbers. Double-space your essay. Include a title that reflects your thesis.

– To receive full credit, you must place the electronic version of the paper in Microsoft Word.

– You should rely entirely on the assigned readings from this class, do not use outside sources. The purpose of this assignment is that you can read and interpret the assignment readings by using the historical context provided in the readings and the lectures. Writers always have to cite a direct quote taken from the source. YOU MUST CITE SOURCES. NO LONG/LENGTHY QUOTES.

Included Readings/Resources:

– The Clouds

– Lysistrata

– The Archanians

– Aristophanes General Intro


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