Art 100 Art Curator Project FINAL Guidelines

Your assignment is to write a 1250-1800-word paper on one of the topics in the “Art 100 Art Curator Topic Choices”, in Course Resources. Beyond just a typical research paper, assume you are the Curator of an exhibition of at least 6 artworks, include at least 3 comparisons and tell us why they need to be shown together: use formal analysis, compare and contrast and apply the art vocabulary. Your budget has no limits and you can fly in, relocate any works of art you wish. Review your Art Curator Project PREP, which included your thesis, topic, introduction, references, and outline. Review the feedback you received from your instructor on your Art Curator Project PREP before completing Art Curator Project FINAL. Review the grading rubric in Course Resources to gain a full understanding of the requirements for the assignment. FORMAT: The Art Curator Project FINAL can be a work doc or PowerPoint. REQUIREMENTS: The Art Curator Project Final can be in either format, and must: • Include images • Include pithy, university-level writing • Formal art analysis • The art vocabulary • Include at least 3 comparisons • Have a strong, clear thesis. • Cite at least 5 reputable, scholarly sources (other than the textbook or Wikipedia), which support your thesis on your chosen topic


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