Assignment: Beginning Your Research

Assignment: Beginning Your Research

Type your responses into this document.

1. What is your hypothesis? Prostitution should be legal.

2. Find one source (article, post, web page, or book) that addresses your hypothesis and that talks about arguments for or against the hypothesis (or both for and against).

Here is the link to the article: <link is hidden> />

3. Write a paragraph that answers the following questions:

a. What information does the source give about the hypothesis?

b. What facts or ideas does the author use that argue FOR the hypothesis?

c. What facts or ideas does the author use that argue AGAINST the hypothesis?

d. Which argument points do you think are most valid, and why do you think those arguments are strong?

4. Answer the following questions about the source:

a. What is the title of the source?

b. Who wrote or published it?

c. How reliable or credible do you think they are, and how can you tell?


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