• AS/NZS 2243 Safety in Laboratories Parts 1-10
  • Sections 2-7 of AS2892.1. Laboratory Construction and Design (available through the library)
  • Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students Robert Hill Jr and David Finster (available online via the library)

  • I have walked through a laboratory (microbiology) it was very crowded the aim from that is to Recognize hazards, Assess the risks of hazards.Minimize the risks of hazards.Prepare for emergencies, so I have taken many pictures from the lab see (pictures file) . you will need to write a report contains the below structure.


1-      Table of content)

2- Introduction

: What are you doing and why are you doing it? What is laboratory auditing and why is it performed? What are you specifically doing and what do you hope to achieve?


: What are you trying to achieve. You must state that you are trying to discover hazards in a laboratory (or laboratories) that you are auditing but you should also state that you are trying to provide solutions to the hazards that you find.


 here you should write a definition OF hazard and risk (in separate paragraph)

5-Risk Assessment

: – This to be documented in a table that clearly shows the

o    Hazards

o    Associated Risks

o    Risk Rating – using Risk Assessment matric

o    Recommended controls

5- A map/floor plan of the laboratory

 indicating the presence of all different parts of the lab including benches, fume cupboards, chemical storage, gas cylinders, doors etc. You provide a legend that includes the location of the following items: ( I will provide a picture of the map see the second last page)

  1. Specific equipment items
  2. Fumehoods
  3. Chemical storage areas
  4. Flammable liquid cabinets
  5. Access and egress points
  6. Emergency Showers and eye wash facilities.
  7. Any other item that you believe significant in terms of either a hazard or control

7- Risk Matrix

– A copy of the risk matrix that is used in your risk assessment is to be included as an Appendix

8-1 Results: What hazards did you find and why is each hazard a potential risk? You will find it easiest to tabulate the results ( I will provide them in table you can add more  see the last page of this file  )

8- 2 Recommendations:

 For each hazard that you find you need to state a possible solution. Example if you found broken glass in the laboratory you need to state that the broken glass should be placed in the glass bin or if you find a bottle of chemical that is not correctly labelled you need to state how this should be labelled. You will find it easiest to tabulate your recommendations ( can be in one table with  the hazard see the hazard table last page)


9- Summary of deficiencies in laboratory construction requirements. These maybe written up as tables for example messy bench , unclean stuff on sink , unwanted things on bench , wrong discard (biological sample in rubbish bun glass in plastic bin)




: What can you conclude from your audit about each laboratory or about the audit itself? If you are auditing two laboratories which one is the laboratory which is better in terms of safety i.e. has least hazards or have a smaller number of hazards, then another laboratory.

11- Appendix:

 This section should include the completed audit forms and any other information that you think is appropriate.

References: 5-8



Your assignment will be marked on the basis of the:

  1. a)Detailed map of laboratory indicating all the requirements
  2. b)Risk Assessment and Risk Matrix
  3. c)Summary tables of the hazards and controls that you find in the laboratory
  4. d)Summary of deficiencies in laboratory construction requirements. These maybe written up as tables
  5. e)Detailed corrective actions that you determine are required for the laboratory that you are auditing
  6. f)The summations/conclusions that you reach about your laboratory
  7. g)Grammar/spelling/format/referencing


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