Assignment One – Letter to a parent

Intervention for children with ADHD

A parent with a child with ADHD asks your opinion about a specific intervention (choose either exercise OR meditation) to help their child. Your task is to write a 1,500-word helpful and empathic letter to the parent outlining your professional opinion about this intervention for children with ADHD, citing scientific evidence. You need to create our own “child profiles” (need enough detail about child- how they’re presenting- to explain whether intervention will be useful). Please include a reference list of the scientific evidence you cite in the letter, using APA 7th format. Include at least six journal articles to support your argument in the letter.

Here are some indicative articles on these interventions:

  • Exercise (Neudecker, Mewes, Reimers, & Woll, 2019)
  • Meditation (Evans et al., 2018)

Your learning objectives:

  • to understand ADHD and the intervention
  • to find appropriate scientific literature on the intervention
  • to analyse the scientific literature on the intervention
  • to evaluate the scientific literature on the intervention
  • to produce a logical argument
  • to create a letter that is clearly written


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