BANGOL WANG 4403 2000

Aims: To provide an introduction to finance theory, and its practical applications for investors, analysts and portfolio managers.

Learning Outcomes: On completing the module, students are expected to be able to:

㰾  ·  Demonstrate a good understanding of the pricing of the main financial assets 
traded in international financial markets.

㰾  ·  Apply finance theory to portfolio selection and asset pricing.

㰾  ·  Demonstrate an awareness of the implications of finance theory for best 
practice in investment strategy and portfolio management.

㰾  ·  Demonstrate a good understanding of the derivative and foreign exchange 
markets, including the roles of hedging, speculation and arbitrage.

㰾  ·  Critically evaluate empirical evidence concerning the operation of 
international financial markets. 
Module Content: 

￿  ·  An overview of financial markets and instruments.

￿  ·  Hedging, speculation and arbitrage.

￿  ·  Review of the concepts of risk and return. Portfolio theory and diversification.

￿  ·  The capital asset pricing model and other asset pricing models.

￿  ·  Efficient markets and portfolio management.

￿  ·  Foreign exchange and derivatives markets. Forwards and futures contracts.

￿  ·  Option characteristics and option pricing. 
Teaching Format: 


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