The purpose of this project is for students to understand the role that business plays in society. In order to do this the student must define the purpose and relationship of government, business and society through the application of a real world example. In completing this project, you will: Explain how government protects businesses and why they do so. Explain how business directly affects society or community and why Sriracha exemplifies the relationship Explain how society influences business through government regulation Outcomes Met With This Project: discuss the financial, economic, regulatory, sociopolitical, and technological factors as they relate to a dynamic business environment explain the importance of the integration of individuals and systems to organizational effectiveness Description: Student will create a PowerPoint using the following information for slides and topics. In completing the project, you will use the course material and research on Sriracha. You will use these resources to support the reasoning and conclusions presented. Here is a resource to create a PowerPoint presentation: How To Make An Amazingly Professional PowerPoint Presentation.
Do not fill the slides with pictures or images of Sriracha Sauce images. Note Section: All slides will include the explanation of the topics discussed in the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation. The support for the explanations will come from the class material and will include in-text citations and a reference list. The crux of this project is the use of the course material to respond to the requirements. Although it is important to create a great PowerPoint, the presentation does not count as much as what is contained in the presentation. PowerPoint Elements: You will create no more than 10 slides. Slides will consist of: Slide 1: Title page with your name, class number, project name and instructor’s name Slide 2: Explain the concepts business, government, and society.


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