Business Model

Business Model

Last semester I created a fake cosmetic company called Ecomarie for a class to simulate an entry strategy of a company to a market on another country, I attached more information about the company in the word document. This semester however, for another class with my group we decided to create a business plan for Ecomarie, I’m tasked with 2 sections of the Business model for the business plan:

2.2 Business Model and Key business operations:

This section should provide answers to the following questions: A) What is the business model of the firm ? A business model is a description of how the enterprise works, who are the important stakeholders etc. Provide a brief but clear explanation of the key operations, processes, or transactions of the business so that the readers have nearly complete information about the type of operations of the business. B) What is the revenue model? Do not provide financial information such as pricing at this stage. C. Explain important operational details of the business. This should clearly describe how the business will go about conducting its various important operations. After reading these two subsections. the reader should have a fairly clear idea about what the business is about and how it will go about conducting its operation

2.3 Stakeholders, Infrastructure, and facilities:

Please describe the following: a) Describe profile of target customers, classifications if any. Briefly describe strategies for customer attraction and retention. b) Describe skills of employees, organization structure, positions, hiring plans, management issues etc. c) Provide information of suppliers, service providers, other associated firms etc. d) Include specific information about licenses, names of relevant regulators. e)Describe the need for facilities and infrastructure, such as buildings, stores, transport.


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