Business Valuation Discussion Board responses

Business Valuation Discussion Board responses



• Each reply must be at least 400 words.

• For each thread response, you must support your assertions with at least 2 scholarly/professional sources and 1 biblical integration, in current APA format.

• Acceptable scholarly/professional sources include the textbook, and scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles, and professional valuation websites.

• Also, keep references separate and organized for each student. Do not critique writing styles and grammar. Please provide positive feedback about their threads with appropriate sourcing to support your reply’s.


Argumentative Essay based on the movie The Blind Side


5 pages long


Must show clear argument

Student comment:

I have chosen to use the film “The Blind Side.” I chose to dissect The Blind Side because in this film Michael Oher, a homeless black teen, has drifted in and out of the school system for years. Then Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband, Sean, take him in. The Tuohys eventually become Michael’s legal guardians, transforming both his life and theirs. Michael’s tremendous size and protective instincts make him a formidable force on the gridiron, and with help from his new family and devoted tutor, he realizes his potential as a student and football player. Using aspects of Stuart Hall’s readings, I will use many of the different approaches that the readings have shared, and ways of using that to strengthen my argument as best as possible. I want to be able to provide an easy argument where you can tell exactly what I the writer was intending to argue. These strategies will help me clarify my argument, and make it possible to use specific scenes that I find in the movie that support my argument, and get my point across. I want to do my best in sharing the importance of the message in this movie the way the creative director did. Overall most people believe that a situation like this cannot happen in real life and it is not as common, but I argue that nowadays families and cultures are becoming more open minded and accepting. Still not too sure which direction I am going in but I have been brainstorming a bit. It is really tough not having like a set prompt.

Teacher comments:

Class, as I’ve mentioned in class, due to the individualized nature of the assignment I am not issuing a formal prompt. I want each student to step into and grapple with the open space of critical inquiry as they engage with a unique argument about a cultural object (ie, your television show, or advertisement). The various scaffolding discussion board prompts and responses have been intended to offer individualized guidance, but part of the exercise is navigating the difficult emotions of uncertainty. I hope that helps to clarify what I’m looking for.

RESOURCES you can use:

The Blind Side Movie

Stuart Hall Work of Representation Readings

Grading TIPS to Consider:

Guide for assessment of LS papers:

1. High intellectual value (is more than a report and shows original thought)

2. Meets expectations of writing, such as grammar and usage

3. Meets expectations of the assignment, including page length, and makes use of references such as books, art, etc.

4. Meets expectations of the assignment to make use of university-level research (books, articles, etc.)

For Exemplary demonstration of all four areas: A to A-

Competent in most-to-all areas: B plus to C plus

Acceptable in most-to-all areas: C to D plus

Unacceptable in most-to-all areas: D to F


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