Bystander Effect

Below I have put the exact instructions provided by the professor and attached another student’s work just in case. This is a descriptive essay that must include a news story of your own, has to be from the US and no more than 2 years old, related to the topic. The news story doesn’t necessarily have to be a murder, but could also be a case in which the victim was in need of assistance and no one bothered to help. I put 2 sources because this essay has to do with the Kitty Genovese murder and the news story also related to the bystander effect. The professor also mentioned that she doesn’t want the title to be “Bystander Effect”. She wants a unique title as well as no contractions throughout the essay. If it’s possible, I have rough draft due this Friday and if you’re able to complete it before then, I would really appreciate it. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

Write a 300 word descriptive essay using the researched material assigned. Your essay should be formatted as follows:

In your essay’s introduction refer to the Kitty Genovese’s murder, define the Bystander Effect, and introduce the news story that you have chosen.
Your body paragraph should consist of a detailed synopsis of your news story.
The concluding paragraph should restate all of the above with a final though for the reader.

Remember to cite your sources in the text and on the works cited page using the MLA format that we discussed and reviewed. If you are not clear n the format, review the MA freebies.

Reminder: you may use Microsoft Word to type your essays; however, do not use the reference feature; it has not been updated to the 8th edition. Easybib is not a reliable source either.


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