Case Study: Developing Transnational Groups

Case Study: Developing Transnational Groups

Assignment Content

Use the assigned chapters and the “Interpersonal Relationships in Transnational, Virtual Teams: Towards a Configurational Perspective” article located on this week’s University Library Resources page to complete this assignment.

Use this link to access the article for this assignment. If it does NOT work please contact me ASAP and I will have to copy and past it in a document. I would prefer not to because it long and takes a lot of editing for reading.

Click on this link once in the university library.

Zimmermann, A. (2011). Interpersonal relationships in transnational, virtual teams: Towards a configurational perspective. International Journal of Management Reviews, 13(1), 59-78.

Read the following case study scenario:

In a recent merger, two companies combined; one company was located in the United States, and the other company was located in Japan. Although both companies are now a unified business organization, offices will be kept in both countries. Because of this merger, transnational groups are now being formed with employees from the United States and from Japan.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following:

o Define organizational culture, and discuss how an organization’s culture can affect its members.

o How might individualism and collectivism affect the functioning of the new transnational work groups in this scenario?

o Discuss strategies that can help transnational work groups be successful and effective when meeting face to face.

o Because transnational work groups will generally work virtually, discuss strategies focused on helping virtual, transnational work groups be successful and effective.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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