How to write a high-quality essay

High_quality essay

Writing a high-quality essay is something that does not augur well with most of the student’s genes. It runs their moods down, and it pressures them because most of the students will always handle their academic work during the last minutes. This has therefore led to the continued delivery of low-quality essays which compromise or rather negatively contributes to the final grades. To have a high-quality essay, there are several factors that one has to put into consideration and they include;

Choosing a high-quality essay topic

In most cases, the instructors will issue the students with a topic to work on. Just in case one has to choose, the student should pick a topic and have it assessed by a friend to make sure that it carries more weight and it will have a great impact on the readers. The focus of the topic should be narrowed down as possible to make sure that the content is specific and to the point.

 Preparing the content outline

A student prepares the content outline by putting down all the ideas down and linking them to create meaning.  Some students also put the topic in the middle, and they make a diagram of all the ideas supporting the message out clearly surrounding the main idea. This helps in ensuring that the ideas are arranged chronologically.

Writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is very important in an essay as it helps a student bring out the main point of the essay. A thesis statement, therefore, makes it easy to convince the reader that the message contained in the essay of great importance.

Writing the body of your essay

The body contains all the ideas outlined earlier expounded and supported by other researchers information. It is important to recognize other authors work used in the student’s essay to avoid plagiarism which is one of the major crimes in academic writing. This is done by using in-text citations which outlines the authors and their publications. The in-text citations vary with the academic writing style used.

Writing introduction

The introduction captures the reader’s attention as it helps identify the gap that the essay is talking about and explains or rather breaks down the scenario in a way that makes it easy for the reader to have a rough idea of what they expect in the body of the essay.

Writing a conclusion

The conclusion is used, to sum up, all the ideas and come up with a final stand as was the main reason for writing the essay in the first place. A well-structured conclusion should contain five strong statements which have a solid stand and summing up the ideas discussed in the essay.

Doing the final editing

An essay is considered complete after all the small and critical ideas are assessed and streamlined. This starts with grammar, structuring of sentences, plagiarism, in-text citations, formatting the paper in the style recommended as well as making sure that the essay brings out the main idea intended to be discussed in the first place.

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Five things to do to ensure you write a good reflective essay

A good reflective essay

reflective essay

Writing a reflective essay is one of the tasks that scares students since one has to flashback to what they have learned or experienced and reflect it in the essay. You may be required to write a reflective essay on a variety of things including a topic, an experience or an event. Despite what you are supposed to write the reflective piece on, there are basic steps you can follow to ensure that you get a good score in your essay. The steps are discussed below:

Understand the topic/assignment

When you have been given a topic and you are supposed to write a reflective article on it, you need to analyze the topic to clearly understand what the instructor requires you to do. In the event that you have not been given the topic, you have to choose one wisely since it is a major determinant of whether your essay will turn out to be great or not. You should, therefore, choose a topic whose theme is close to your heart so that the content of your essay will easily flow in a reflective essay format.

Gathering information

This stage depends on your topic. There are some topics that will require you to remember things, others will require you to read, others listen, and others watch. At this stage, you should be diligent enough to spend enough time re-experiencing your topic. Once you experience your topic, describe the experience in writing. Use clear adjectives when describing your sensory experiences. You can also use reflective questions to get as many ideas for your reflective essay as possible. Since there are a number of them, you must first select at least three out of the many then answer them.

Refining informative resources

To refine your resources, you need to decide the direction you want your reflective essay to take in terms of what is the most important thing you want to convey through your essay from your experience. That ‘most significant thing’ becomes the thesis of your piece.

Writing a draft

Once you have formed the thesis statement for your paper, you can now organize the ideas and information you gathered in step two into a draft reflective essay

Finalize the essay

At this stage, you proofread your draft for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos. It is at this stage that you also put together the references you have used in your essay.

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Preparations to Make Before Writing a Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis

case study analysis

In a case study analysis you are required to examine a problem, determine the solutions available and then, using supporting evidence, come up with the most effective solution to the problem. However, before getting down to write the case study analysis, you need to first understand the case study and then prepare to write the case study analysis and the following steps will help you understand and prepare to write the case study analysis.

Read the case thoroughly paying attention to details.

Since you cannot analyze a case study until you have comprehended the problem, the first step should, therefore, be to understand the problem statement. By reading the case carefully and identifying its major arguments, you will be able to understand the problem.

Structure your thought process

In cases where the problem statement is ambiguous, only a well-structured approach can help you know the core problem being solved. In this case, therefore, you need to structure your thoughts by first outlining them on paper alongside your ideas so that you can remember them. This way, you will be in a position to break down the highlighted problem and easily identify the core problem.

Give your analysis a direction

At this stage you look for answers to these questions: Where is the problem? Why did the problem occur? When did the problem start? How does it affect the organization? And who is responsible for the problem? At this stage, you need to use the visualization technique to be able to answer these questions mentally from the information given in the case study.

Highlight the possible solutions

It is at this point that you outline the multiple solutions to the problem. To be able to outline the solutions you must first break down the problem and the MECE Principle is recommended. You should, however, avoid the tendency to consider too many variables since it will lead to you over analyzing the problem. Since you are in the preparation stage you don’t have to make a decision on the solution to adopt.

With this information, you will be set to write the draft for the case study analysis. Putting this information together is easier said than done and if you are not a professional in case study analysis, you may end up wasting your time on it and still not be able to write a professional case study analysis. But don’t be scared, at Acemywriter, we have a team writers who are a wealth of experience in case study analysis and we are at your service. Please contact us for more details.

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Two thing to include them when writing your college admission essay

college admission essay

There are some subjects that have commonly been viewed as taboo in college admission essays. On the contrary and as discussed in this paper, these topics are not as off the limit as they are assumed to be. The secret with any college admission essay is to fill it with highly personal details as much as possible and write it from a unique angle. The two things are as discussed below:

Highlighting your community service project

First, the reason why discussing personal contribution in community services has become uncommon is that some students want to fake stories about helping the needy. Since such essays are always noted as inauthentic, they are never successful and hence the negative publicity. On the contrary, if you have devoted yourself, your effort and your time to a cause that cares, your experience warrants immortalization in essay form. To encourage you to highlight your experience in your admission essay, look at this initiative by Harvard whose aim is to make caring common. Their strategy is to use the admission process to encourage students to care and contribute to the world around them. To make your story authentic, give highly specific accounts of your volunteer work. These accounts do not only make the essay feel more sincere but they also reveal more about how you relate to others and what your character and motivations are.

Outlining your political view in admission essay

Including your political view or stand in your essay is something that we have also argued about before here at Acemywriter. However, since the 45th president took office, his controversial nature has opened the gates for people to freely discuss politics. Similarly, even in admission essays, students are now at liberty to mention a thing or two about the state of the country. However, you should note that you are supposed to discuss how politics have personally affected your life and your family and not discussing the state of American politics. For instance, if you experienced the deportation of a family member, and this is connected to the studies you are applying for, it will be worth mentioning in your essay. But before mentioning a political topic in your essay, mind about your audience. There is the risk of alienating your audience since it varies from one institution to the other.

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how changes in economic factors are driving the decrease in European demand for automobiles


The article: “No Traction: Europe’s Car Makers Spin their Wheels” by Vanessa Fuhrmans. The article appeared in The Wall Street Journal on October 1, 2013. Instructions for obtaining the article from the CSUF online library database are provided below.
Your assignment consists of writing a short essay discussing how changes in economic factors are driving the decrease in European demand for automobiles. You may use as references the article, your textbook, and your class notes. Note that any collaboration among students on writing this paper will be considered a violation of the honor code.
Step 1: Print out and read carefully the short article assigned. Print out and read carefully this instruction sheet.
Step 2: Follow the instructions below carefully.
Obtaining the Article
Go to the library web site using your student portal. Click on the tab Find Databases. Use?Factiva. Once you are on Factiva, go to the search tab and type the full title of the article in the?search box. Click on the box for article and print using article format. Please let me know in class if you are having any trouble obtaining the article.
Your essay must incorporate the points listed below.
1. Please provide two paragraphs summarizing the main points raised by the authors, in YOUR OWN WORDS. These paragraphs will serve as an introduction to your essay.
2. In your own words, focus now on the economic content of the article. More specifically, refer to particular sentences or phrases in the article to identify at least three of the key?determinants of demand discussed in class as they pertain to the demand for automobiles?in Europe. Be sure to explain how each sentence or phrase illustrates the particular ?determinant of demand.
3. Use a supply/demand diagram to illustrate ONE of the three cases you have selected.
4. Compare the automobile market in Europe with the automobile market in the United States. Identify two key differences between these markets.

Assignment Details/Rules (not following these requirements will FOR SURE negatively impact your


5. Your submission should be no longer than TWO PAGES, STAPLED. Please DO NOT use folders, cover sheets, or binders. Do not include Reference section either.
6. All work you submit MUST BE done ENTIRELY using the computer, including graphs. Use Times New Roman Font, 12 point, one-inch margins on all sides, and single space. Leave one blank line between paragraphs in your write-up. Do not indent paragraphs. On both pages, create a header where you will include your name and the class section/time in the top right corner.
Deadlines (not respecting these deadlines will FOR SURE negatively impact your grade)
If you would like to get some feedback and a chance to revise your work before final submission, you may turn in a draft, submitting a hard copy of your paper to me in class by and no later than November 21. No late submission of the draft will be accepted. I will return the draft to you no later than December 5 with a tentative grade and, if needed, recommendations on how you may improve your grade. You will then have 1 (one) week to incorporate the suggested changes in the final draft (due December 12 in class). If you decide to revise, it is expected that you will use the feedback received from me on the first draft to improve your writing and analytical skills in the final draft.
If you are satisfied with the grade assigned to the draft, you will submit your original paper (the one with my feedback/comments) back to me on the last week of class, and no later than the final deadline of December 12. If you are not satisfied with your grade, you will submit the original paper (the original that contains my comments) and the revised paper by December 12. You must submit the original and the revised paper together, stapled.
If you choose not to submit a draft, you must turn in your paper in class by December 12.
No late submissions of either draft paper or final paper will be accepted.
Your grade on this assignment will be determined by the accuracy of your analysis, the quality of your writing (which includes correct use of language and grammar), and by your adherence to all the above described requirements.


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This is three questions/topics in one. Numbers one and two don’t need to be a total full page apiece as long as number three is developed and written well. The topics are over a story called Candide. Here they are

1.How is Candide a satire of the philosophy of optimism? Explain.
2.How does each person that Candide meets educate him over the course of his journey?
3.. Why do you think that Voltaire pairs horrific events (rape, disembowelment, cannibalism, etc.) with instances of ridiculousness (‘experimental physics," scatological humor, implied homosexuality, etc.)? What do these various contrasts say about Voltaire’s view of the world? Explain

The teacher stressed number three to be fully developed. Quotes are needed in each topic but no works cited is required.


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1. Assume that there is a population regression model

y = β0 + β1×1 + β2×2 + β3×3 + u

and that the model satisfies assumptions MLR1 through MLR5 in the population.

Indicate, without explanation, whether the following statements are true or false (each answer is worth 1 point).

a. If you take a random sample from the population, and estimate an OLS regression with y as the dependent variable and x1, x2 and x3 as the independent variables, the estimated coefficients of x1, x2 and x3 will be unbiased estimates of β1 , β2, and β3.

b. If you take a random sample from the population, and estimate an OLS regression with y as the dependent variable and x1, x2 and x3 as the independent variables, the estimated coefficients of x1, x2 and x3 will be equal to β1 , β2, and β3.

c. If you take a random sample from the population, and estimate an OLS regression with y as the dependent variable and x1, x2 and x3 as the independent variables, the estimated coefficients of x1, x2 and x3 will be statistically significant.

d. If you take two random samples from the same population, and use each of the samples to
estimate the population model using OLS, you will get the same β estimates from each regression.
e. If β1 is a positive number, then β1 (the OLS estimate of β1 that you would see on the Stata output after estimating a regression) may be a positive or a negative number.

2. Provide a short answer (one to three sentences) to each of the following questions. (It will sometimes help to think about the meaning and implications of the MLR assumptions for the properties of the OLS estimators, that is, whether the estimated β coefficients are unbiased, how efficient they are, and whether the OLS standard errors are biased or unbiased.) Each part is worth 3 points.

a. Suppose you have a sample that tells you the life expectancy of a 60 year old male in each of the 50 states. It also tells you the average amount of education completed and the average level of income for people over 60 in that state. You are interested in using regression analysis to estimate the effect of education on life expectancy. Is it a good idea to also include the variable measuring average income in this regression? Discuss the costs and/or benefits of doing so.

b. Consider the following population regression model that determines the score on a standardized test for elementary school children

score = β0 + β1classiz + β2faminc + u

where classiz is the size of the student’s class and faminc is annual income of the student’s family. The expected value of u is the same across all levels of class size and family income, but the variance of u is different for different classrooms. Does this cause the OLS estimators for the β coefficients to be biased? Explain.

c. Consider the regression model

Where cigs is daily cigarette consumption for an individual, price is price per pack of cigarettes in the local area, and income is the individual’s annual income. Suppose we have a random sample of 500 people. For the purposes of estimating β1, would it be better if there was a lot of correlation in the sample between price and income, or only a little correlation?

d. Consider the population model estimated for the previous homework assignment:

lpfries = β0 + β1prpblck + β2lincome + β3prppov + u

where lpfries is the log of the price of a small order of fries, prpblck proportion of people living in the restaurant’s zip code who are black, lincome is the log of median income in the zip code, and prppov is the proportion of people living in the restaurant’s zip code who are below the poverty line. Obviously, lincome and prpov are highly correlated with one another. Does this violate one of the MLR assumptions?

3. Use the data in APPLE.DTA to answer this question. These are experimental data in the sense that each family was offered a price pair (ecoprci, regprci), which are prices per pound of (hypothetical) “ecologically friendly” apples and regular apples, respectively. They then reported how many pounds of each apple they would buy at the given prices. The variable reglbs measured the reported demand for regular apples, and the variable ecolbs measured the reported demand for ecologically friendly apples. (Each part is worth 3 points)

a. Which is larger: the proportion of families reporting that they would buy no regular apples, or the proportion of families reporting that they would buy no eco-friendly apples? (use the Stata commands tab reglbs and tab ecolbs) .

b. Estimate the simple regression of ecolbs on ecoprc. Interpret the coefficient on ecoprc.

c. In the simple regression just estimated, test whether the estimated coefficient of ecoprc is statistically significant at the 1% level when the null hypothesis is βecoprc ≥ 0.

d. Now add regprc and faminc to the regression. Conduct the hypothesis test from part c again.

e. Interpret the coefficient of regprc. Does the sign of the coefficient make sense in term of economic theory?

f. Now estimate the regression

reg ecolbs ecoprc regprc faminc numgt64 num18_64 num5_17 numlt5 hhsize

Stata drops one of the variables. Which one, and why?

4. Use the data in ELEM94-95 to answer this question. Each observation in this sample is a Michigan elementary school. The dependent variable is lavgsal , which is the log of the average teacher salary in the school, and bs is the ratio of the value of fringe benefits to the value of salary for teachers in the school. (Each part is worth 3 points)

a. Find the average value of bs in the sample and explain in words what it means.

b. Run the simple regression of lavgsal on bs. Is the estimated coefficient of bs statistically different from zero at the 5% significance level? Is it statistically different from -1 at the 5% significance level? Justify your answers. (Hint: One way to do the second test is with the stata test command, test bs==-1 ).

c. Add the variables lenrol (the log of the number of students at the school) and lstaff (the log of the number of teachers and other adults working at the school) to the regression from (b). Find the p-value for H0: βbs = -1 against a two sided alternative. What do you conclude about H0 now?

d. Why is the standard error on the bs coefficient actually smaller in the part (c) than in the part (b) regression? (Hint: what happens to the estimate of σ – in Stata called the “root mean squared error” – when lenrol and lstaff are added?)

Now estimate a regression in which math4 is the dependent variable, and lunch, lavgsal, and lenrol are the independent variables. math4 is the percentage of the school’s fourth graders who passed their math proficiency test, while lunch is the percentage of the school’s students who come from low income families, as measured by their eligibility for free or reduced price lunch at school.

e. Interpret the coefficient on lunch. Is it statistically significant? In your opinion, is it large in magnitude? Explain your answer. (It might help to look at the summary statistics for math4 and lunch)

f. The coefficient on lavgsal is not statistically significant at the 5% level. Assuming that assumptions MLR.1 through MLR.5 are satisfied for this regression, does this allow us to conclude with 95% confidence that raising teacher salaries would have no effect on the math scores of fourth graders? Explain.


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Read the page about ADHD on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the link is provided below. Use the close reading techniques described in the Week 1 Lecture Notes to summarize it in 150-250 words. Your summary should be similar to the second paragraph of Stacy Yi’s rhetorical analysis essay toward the end of chapter 2 in the textbook.

Your summary should answer questions like these:

What key facts or details does the CDC share about ADHD?
In addition to the facts, what impression does the CDC create about ADHD? In other words, how does it make readers feel or what does it make readers think about ADHD?
What would motivate the CDC, which is a government institution, to post a page about ADHD?
Why, in your view, is the Web page a good or bad method for the CDC to distribute information?
How do you think the average reader would react to the CDC’s page about ADHD?
(Hint: Do not try to summarize every detail. It will be helpful to think of the CDC’s page in terms of its sections, rather than its many facts.)

Link to Centers of Disease Control’s website:


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Information Technology

1-describe how INFORMATION technology organizationally situated within your organization, identify the advanteges and dis advanteges of such situation ?

2- describe how you would manage the it department to support your org’s strategy

3- describe the different aspects of it tactical management within your org


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Britain decided to terminate its European Union membership

Britain decided to terminate its European Union membership


Britain made a decision to no longer be part of the European Union. It is the first ever nation to make a decision on leaving the Union. Britain arrived at this decision upon observation that European Union was unable to address developing economic issues since 2008. A good example is high rates of unemployment. Brexit also took place because of rise of nationalism in the world (Kranser 123). Distrust of trade and financial organizations which were created after the Second World War is increasing. EU is an example. Britain believed that the institution is not in a position of serving a purpose. They also feared that EU would make them loose control by taking away the control of Britain.

Advocates who support Brexit claim that leaving European Union is necessary in facilitating restoration of Britain’s identity, culture and independence. However, opposers claim that leaving the union will have powerful economic consequences. Major results of UK being a member of the European Union is most of relations of UK were carried out through the European Union (Pisani 211). Following Brexit, United Kingdom will take control of most of its relations, including trade.

There has been great interest for trade agreement which is bilateral, between United States and United Kingdom. A referendum held for Brexit had some congress members and administration of Trump call for launching of United States and United Kingdom free trade association negotiations. In January 2017, the United Kingdom’s prime minister and President Donald Trump had a discussion on how both sides could launch talks on the future of the free trade agreement between the two countries. In the month of July, both parties held a launch for a working group that would help in exploration of an after Brexit Free Trade Association.

The negotiation of trade between US and UK comes in handy with change in the United States transatlantic policy of trade. United States views the United Kingdom as a major force of liberation within the European Union. It is therefore more in line with the United Kingdom on approaches to policies of trade as compared to the overall European Union. The trade agreement that Britain intends to explore with the United States should include an investment protection provision.

Issue description

Several industries are involved in the relationship between US and UK. They are finance, scientific, professional, manufacture industries, and services. The United States companies are majorly pulled towards the United Kingdom due to existence of a business environment which is open, the skills of their workforce, and the access they have on the market. Financial companies belonging to United States but exist in the United Kingdom have the advantage of making use of “rights of passporting” from which they can possibly set up  platform of carrying out activities.

There is an expectation that Brexit will give UK its authority back. The authority will enable them to come up with its own tariff and policies of trade in a broader means. Formal negotiations between the United Kingdom and United States cannot however begin yet. The treaty of EU sets a period of two years to end negotiations.  According to some analysts, the process is likely to take a longer period.  The UK therefore remains a member of the union until it is done with the negotiations for exit.  In the while United States and United Kingdom could carry out discussions which are informal.

There exist several Brexit variables that are likely to affect the negotiations of free trade between United States and United Kingdom. They are the negotiations between UK and EU which are in regard to the withdrawal of U K from the European Union, the negotiations on the trade relationship that will exist between UK and European Union upon the formal exit of United Kingdom. Also, the negotiations between UK and members of WTO on its plan, and also any arrangements of transition which the United Kingdom will have to negotiate till agreements are finalized.

Trade policy goes beyond agreements of trade. Most of the policies of trade lay their focus on agreements of trade.  For instance, there exist instruments that defend trade and investment. There are also rules of the world trade organization.

The best general approach that United Kingdom could use to approach its trade is to ensure that they retain their current engagements of trade even after they are through with Brexit (Hunt 156). The new department for International trade has placed indications that it will make effort to make agreements on free trade.

The government of United States believes that United Kingdom is among the safest places for investment. The government therefore advertises the place to its investors. Facilitators for easy market entry are the easy and very common language that exists between the two countries, the fact that both countries have the same institutions in their markets which results to similarity in their practices, political stability, social stability and stability in regulations, low taxation rates and inflation.

Investors of the United Kingdom who would like to have their investments in the United States for the purpose of protecting agreements with the United States are faced with two major challenges. The United States includes benefits denial provision in several of its treaties of investment and chapters of its investments in chapters of FTA. A commentary that existed in the model BIT of the US model, the major aim of the provision of denial I to endure providence of Safeguards that would cater for the issue of shopping of treaties by creating “sham” enterprises.

The other challenge that investors of United Kingdom are likely to face as they look to structure their investment in the United States is the fact that United States has no treaties with several states for instance Netherlands and Virgin islands yet they are attractive due to the low charge on taxes. This is an important aspect to consider because planning of taxes has a major role to play in corporate structures. Similarly, while an investor belonging to the United States has the chance of investing in the United Kingdom through an intermediary which is made part of a country that United States has a treaty with, the United Kingdom Is found to Lack treaties with States which have a likelihood of being an attraction to investors of the United states for the purposes of tax.

The policy

The prime minister of London known as Theresa May had her government state that it was going to give submission to parliament. The legislation is meant to allow Britain be able to pursue a trade policy which is independent upon its exit from the European Union. The bill on trade possesses provisions that will assist Britain in its aim to be able to make a conversion from the current European Union free trade to British Free trade on leaving the trade.

The legislation will also have the power to make sure that the companies of British will be in a position where they can have access to contracts of the governments of other countries (Dhingra 187). It will also help Britain be in a position of coming up with a trade body which is new that will help prevent the business against practices of trade which are unfair. A trade minister known as Liam Fox made a statement that for the first time in a period of more than forty years, the United Kingdom is going to be able to put into shape, its agenda on trade and investment. He also added that the United Kingdom I id determined that consumers will get to take advantage of the opportunity.

The trade agreement should have a protection for investment protection. This is because it will facilitate easy flow of trade. Trade between countries who are partners is likely to be manageable if they have provision for the policies they are yet to undertake (Schoenmaker 267). This prevents a situation where both countries will have to disagree on some issues. In case of disagreements, the provisions become a source of reference. An increase in the flow of trade contributes to great choice from the consumer and the purchasing power goes up.

The investment protection is likely to lead to growth of the economy. This means that both countries can be in a position where their ability to produce goods and services increases. The reason for economic growth is low spending which comes about. If the trade provision comes along with the ability to subsidize on several segments of the industry, the funds which are spared are used for other purposes by the government of the United States.

Britain has the ability to become a ‘hub’ for other big economies if it comes up with good policies for investment that will cater for the US (Ben-David 289). This will mean deeper links with the US. More to this, other countries who are not open to deals with the European Union will wish to be part of deals with UK once they witness the success .Some of these countries are the commonwealth regions. As a result, trade for Britain becomes easy making it an international spot for trade.

If Britain is to gain benefit from the existence of a good relationship between them and the United States, it would be in a good position to be envied (Lanoo 187). There exist fourteen free trade agreements between the United States and 20 more countries. None of the 20 countries are found in the region of Europe. They are found in Asia pacific, and in the Middle East. Being an economy that has services which are well developed, that enhance trade and investment, cross- Atlantic trade would be attracted to Britain. As much as this is a possibility, it depends on several factors.  Britain has to be in a position where it can negotiate trade deals. The fact that trade is always accompanied by political issues, what may seem like an easy deal may not always be straightforward. It will also take time before Britain’s aims are realized as a whole. A strategic vision which is long term and ensuring that United Kingdom is well positioned is a major necessity.

Some possible shortcoming of the free trade deal and adoption of provision exist. Britain may come up with a provision that may lead to heavy damage of the environment. Once it decides to allow United State’s companies to shift their facilities of manufacture, this may take place in regions of Britain whose natural resources cannot withstand the industries. For instance, before North Americans came up with an agreement on free trade, the amount of metal ores and timber demanded from Mexico was very low. According to a report published in 2014, the policy on the free trade agreement led to coming up with mining operation which was regulated poorly (Baier 226).  This would not have come up if the trade agreement was not brought up.

By choosing to enter into a provision for free trade agreement, the domestic industry of Britain may be at risk. This is because the nation is going to be exposed to producers who are foreign at cost which are much lesser. For instance, United States industries were damaged by the free trade between United States and Mexico since low cost of labor in Mexico made the manufacturers of Mexico to be involved in undercutting producers of Americans. By the year 2010, the trade agreement had created a transfer of more than 60000 jobs belonging to America, to Mexico.  More to these, claims were made that the agricultural sector of Mexico was almost destroyed by bringing cheap crops to the country.

Free trade agreements facilitate the easiness of large businesses to bring in products from countries which are poor since low barriers of trade create an allowance for the big businesses to make use of cheap costs of labor (Muradian 256). The United Kingdom already is and is likely to grow into being a large business environment, once it fully enters into the free trade agreement with United States. . If its investment policy is based on taking advantage of cheap costs of labor, then the cost of humans will be very high.

As much proposition of agreements on free trade insist on their ability to have an improved efficiency in economy, Britain may come up with provisions containing very many regulations that may bring complication to businesses, making it hard for business persons in the two countries to co-exist.


Britain has a long way to go because none of the post-Brexit operations will be easy to execute. It needs to have a clear path on the economic path it intends to take. Being able to have a good strategic position in the overall trade with the worlds is going to facilitate economic prosperity for the country. The fact that it will continue to have an influence of liberalization will help open up service economies globally.

Pragmatically, by being in a position where it retains and shadows European Union agreements on trade and the talks which are currently going on, a  large possibility of Britain having trade deals with more than 80 countries after Brexit is high. On coming up with provisions which favor healthy trade between Britain and United States, other countries will be attracted to the United Kingdom for Trade.

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