Capital budgeting analysis and leveraged M&A opportunities analysis: Does this company utilize sound financial planning and budgeting techniques and have they been providing accurate guidance to Bay/Wall Streets?

Describe the financial management rationale, situation and need(s) giving rise to the financial soundness, position, sophistication, and competitiveness of the firm of your choice.  Conduct your analysis from the perspective of where the company and industry have been and grown from (the current environment), where it is today, and where it will need to be with its finances for the future.  Identify why financial management has an impact on this company and what are its prospects for the future.  Answer questions such as, but not limited to:

Does this company utilize sound financial planning and budgeting techniques and have they been providing accurate guidance to Bay/Wall Streets?

Does this company provide investors with a sound set of corporate performance measures?

  Which ones?  Do they enable effective investment decisions?

What major capital budgeting and/or projects has this organization undertaken?  Where they successful?

Is this organization’s capital structure optimized?  Should it be utilizing additional debt leverage for growth?  Can it achieve its overall goals with current equity financing?  Has it gone public?  Should it go to the market again or even privatize?

Has this organization fully leveraged M&A opportunities?  Can you propose any potential “deals” for it to enter into?

What type of innovation budget does this organization have that require it to spend/allocate financing in order to stay competitive going forward?

What type of international operations does this company have and/or would like to/should have?  From a financial management perspective how would the company execute on internationalization plans?  How much would it cost?  Where would the financing come from?

To what extent does this organization utilize options?

What is your assessment of this company’s risk profile and its risk management mitigation strategies?


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Project Management Efficiency Analysis

You are a project analyst at Chenco Ltd. One of your responsibilities is to help top management examine how project management efficiency can be improved. You have been using earned value management (EVM) to analyze project management efficiency project by project. This time, however, you want to study how the duration of a deliverable affects its cost. You will use Minitab to visualize the relationship between the duration of project deliverables and their costs with a scatterplot/scatter diagram. The PMO director would also like you to quantify the relationship by calculating a correlation coefficient. You randomly select 20 projects and choose randomly 20 completed deliverables, their completion times and costs. These data are stored in the attached Minitab worksheet.

Project Management Efficiency Analysis

Variable Description

Duration Time to complete a deliverable

Cost Cost of a deliverable

In a Word processor document, answer the following questions:

1) Identify the explanatory and response variables. Explain clearly your choice (minimum one paragraph). (4points)
2) Display a scatterplot with a regression line to examine the relationship between duration of deliverables and costs. Copy and paste your scatterplot here. (4points)
3) What does the scatterplot tell you about the variables? Your answer must be related to this specific graph. It cannot be generic. (4points)
4) Calculate the coefficient correlation. What does it mean? Your answer must be specific to this problem. It cannot be generic. (4points)
5) Based on your analysis, what are your recommendations for management? Support your recommendations with evidence. (4points)

Write a short paper containing the answers to these questions. Successful reports will include:

Evidence of research from academia and other reputable sources (Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source).
References are correctly cited within the body of the paper. APA format is required for in-text citation.
Examples of personal experience (work, life) that supports the research.
All references cited correctly at the end of the paper (Reference page). APA format is required for reference pages.


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Drug trafficker operations to keep the Andean Air Bridge operating

As described in the Syllabus, conduct a critique of a Denial and Deception effort of your choice. This critique will be your final Assignment. Set the stage of the situation and identify: the major players; their interests and objectives; the reason for deciding upon Denial and Deception; the objectives of the effort; the mechanics of the effort; their effects on the situation; and their effects on the overall situation. Finally , make a judgement on whether the effort was a success, or a failure, and why.

Format: You should format your paper using the standards provided by the Turabian writing manual (i.e. 1-inch margins on all 4 sides, double spaced (without an extra space between paragraphs or subheadings, 12-point font). For a quick guide see the “author-date” style at While this is only a quick guide it will help get you started. It is highly recommended that you pick up a copy of the latest Turabian manual (even the 7th edition would do) as it is used across INTL courses.

You should have a standard title page that includes the title of your paper, your name, course, and date. In the syllabus it was noted that you use be using the Turabian author-date referencing style, this means that you should also have a coordinating references list at the end of your critique.

Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length and utilize a minimum of 10 sources. Cover pages, references and large graphics do not count as part of the 10-12 pages.

Do not use information you have used before. This is a violation of school policy and lessens the learning experience.


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Franklin Fan Company – Forecasting




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Franklin Fan Company – Forecasting


To assess your ability to

  • Discuss the issues on the forecasting system being used by a company.
  • Recommend how to improve the forecasting method.
  • Develop a forecast for each month of the next year and justify the forecast and method used.
  • Integrate established operation management principles into the discussion.
  • Write a business report based on 5-step critical thinking decision making model.

Action Items

  1. Review the attached Brief Rubric.
  2. Read the attached case: Franklin Fan Company-Forecasting.
  3. You may need to review the attached Inventory Management (Last week’s assignment).

Case Background:  You are to take on the role of Sharon Place. Address your brief to Dan Block and Ed Spriggs.

  1. Download the 5-Step Critical-Thinking Decision-Making Model.
  2. Complete Step1: Identify the problem(s) and uncertainties based on the assigned problem.
    1. Complete Step2: Obtain Information addressing the problem(s) from Step 1 and the following:
      1. Comment on the forecasting system being used by the Franklin Fan Company.
      2. Suggest changes or improvements that you believe are justified.
      3. Develop your own forecast for window fans for each month of the next year, 2015. Justify your forecast and the method you used.
    2. Complete Step3: Make predictions about the future on the matrix.
    3. Complete Step4: Make decisions by choosing among the alternatives on the matrix.
  1. In MBA Business Brief format, write a two-page analysis incorporating the following:
    1. Business Brief header – The first half of opening paragraph is to provide a synopsis of the company. The second half of the opening paragraph is state the problem (From Step 1 of the model).
    2. Analysis header – The analytical section should be based on your personal assessment of the information you obtained from Steps 2 and 3 of the model. Provide only key relevant information and logical discussion in support of your findings.
    3. Conclusion header – This section should state your recommendation based on your analysis of the case information and situation outcome. (From Step 4 of the model). Your recommendation should be supported by your analysis section.
    4. APA citation(s) and reference(s).

Note:  You are expected to compose your Business Brief utilizing the concepts learned in MBA 707.  Specifically, Chapters 4, 5, and 6 from the textbook: Bovee, C., & Thill, J. (2015). Business Communication Today (13th ed.).Bullet points and direct quotes are not to be used.


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Prepare a business report on a new topic of interest to you


Assessment TWO ­ Individual project guidelines Written Report, worth 60% of total module mark

LENGTH: 1500 words (+/­ 10%)

EXCLUDING title and contents page, bibliography and appendices


Topic requirements:

Working individually, you will either prepare a business report on a new topic of interest to you, OR

you will continue working on the topic from Assignment 1.

If you choose the former option, first select a research question. Your tutor will help you with this. It

should be related to business and organisational life.

For this assessment, you are expected to collect primary empirical data. Write up your research by

using the guidelines given below. You should also look at the marking criteria (see below) to see

what is expected from each section of the proposal and the balance between sections. Be aware that

most of the marks for this report are awarded for the analysis and conclusions you research.

The content of your report

Title page (including name of all group members, date of submission, course, title of course work)

Introduction – this short section should offer rationale for your chosen topic.

Report topic/question. Aims and objectives ­ These must be succinct, achievable and coherent.

Literature review – a short review of the literature which sets out relevant concepts and ideas you

plan to utilise in your empirical study. You should include 5 academic sources in this section.

Methodology/methods – short methodology section focusing primarily on research design. Briefly

outline the population, sampling and research methods. Also state your proposed data analysis


Discussion of Findings Conclusions and limitations

Note: data collection is necessary for this piece of work! Formatting advice

• •

• • • • •

• • • •

• •

Sub­headings should be used to separate main sections

Sources of all research information must be clearly cited in the text.

Harvard referencing style. All sources of ideas other than your own in the report must be properly

cited A separate references list must be included at the end, with entries in alphabetical order

Appendices are also allowed

Text must be written in clear English

Final reports will be well organized

Final reports will demonstrate clear evidence of

how they can be applied in practice

You are expected to use the

the student’s understanding of research methods and

Presentation of the report

Note: The details below refer to how the report looks. There is no oral presentation of this report in


• • • • • •

Reports must be word processed

Line spacing: EITHER 1.5 lines OR double spaced Font: EITHER Ariel 12 OR Times New Roman 12

Tables, charts and/or graphs may be used

Reports must be spell checked

Word count for the main text must be included

Marking Criteria for Individual Assignment


Marker’s Remarks and Grades

Introduction: Clear description of the topic & justification for its selection. Research aim/question and

objectives should be clearly stated.

(150 – 200 words).


Literature Review: In­depth knowledge of what others have written on the subject relevant to the

research questions. In this section, you are required to provide a brief review of relevant literature,

i.e. what are the main issue (s) of contention, concepts that you will utilise in your empirical study.

Provide a correct in­text citations using Harvard Referencing style

(250 – 300 words)


Methodology: The research methodology needs briefly to explain the main steps in your primary

research, including the sampling method, the research methods, i.e. how primary data was gathered

and then analysed.

(150 –200 words).


Discussion of Findings

This section should present and evaluate your findings from the analysis of your primary data. For

quantitative data (e.g. from a questionnaire survey), this should take the form of suitable tables or

charts, accompanied by relevant analysis/ interpretation. For qualitative data (e.g. from semistructured

interviews), the content of the material needs to be evaluated using other suitable forms of

analysis. It should also include comparisons with the literature where appropriate and discussion of

any unexpected/unique findings. The results should be presented in an organised, logical and

coherent manner.

(500 – 550 words)


Conclusions and limitations

The conclusions should set out your findings on the research question/aim and objectives you set

yourself in the Introduction. Your conclusions should be backed by evidence from your literature

review and analysis of your primary data indicating the methodological and ethical limitations faced.

(300 – 350 words)


Report Presentation/effective written communication

Observed 1,500 word limit, plus or minus 10%, excluding appendices, bibliography and abstract.

Coherent structure. Referenced conventions adhered to. Good spelling & grammar practice


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Expanding Your Business

Referring to the same business you either started or purchased in the first assignment, write a 6-8 page paper in which you:

Outline a financial plan for your small business.

Develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for your small business.
Discuss the most appropriate location for a second store (an actual street address). Explain your reasoning.
Outline a plan for securing sources of debt financing for your second store.
Include at least two (2) references outside the textbook.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Describe and analyze the necessary activities and key decisions to start a small business.

Analyze the key financial management considerations in operating a small business.
Develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for a small business.
Analyze the role of pricing, credit, and equity financing in defining a business strategy.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in small business management.
Write clearly and concisely about small business management using proper writing mechanics.
Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills.


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Individual Essay Task Details

Each student is to select one of the essay topics below (one topic only) and write an essay of approximately 2500 words. The paper must be cited and referenced in APA 6th edn. with relevant, adequate (at least 15 and no more than 20 different academic sources) and up-to-date academic references.

Topics: 1. Discuss the concept of status consumption with regard to how a marketer might be able to use status to market a specific brand or product type.


Topic 2. Discuss the role of materialism and religion in the spread of global consumption or brands. How might materialism and religion help or hinder the spread of a global consumption culture?


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Looking behind the lable

Assessment Brief/ Task
The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:
Oxfam has employed your company, ‘Ethical Consultants’, to produce a series of commodity chain reports on everyday products in Asda.
Choose ONE product below and write a 1500 word commodity chain analysis of that product.
You should pay attention to steps which lead to the product appearing on the shelves of a shop near you for purchase. Try to find out how the main components of the product are sourced, its manufacture, transport and eventual distribution to UK stores. At each level pay attention to the creation of value and profit and the social issues that might be raised.
£6 Men’s Jeans Asda
£5 electric kettle Asda
Fresh Feel Socks £6 Asda

Writer You are totally free to choose one of those 3 products.

The following information is important when:

• Preparing for your assessment
• Checking your work before you submit it
• Interpreting feedback on your work after marking.

Assessment Criteria

The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assessment task are indicated on page 1. The precise criteria against which your work will be marked are as follows:
The precise criteria against which your work will be marked are as follows:
1. Analysis of commodity chain of chosen good
2. Analysis of distribution of value/profit
3. Discussion of ethical problems
4. Use of Harvard Referencing and Academic style


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Can there be ethics in world politics?

3,500 word essay on ethics in world politics.
Based on Syrian conflict.
Identify, describe and analyse conflicts of value and priority in dominant approaches to ethics.
Identify and critically assess assumptions underpinning specific ethical positions.
Outline, compare and evaluate competing ethical positions.
Understand and critically engage with possibilities and limits of universality.
Consider Realism, Communitarianism, Cosmopolitanism, Postmodernism.
Please reference Duncan Bell 2010,
Hans Morgenthau 1985,Michael Walzer 2014,
David Campbell 1998,
Jack Donnelly 2008,
…. and most important Veronique Pin-Fat 201


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Examine the different roles that a manager plays in the financial success of a business??

Financial Management for Health Care class need quality original work.

EACH QUESTION MUST BE Minimum of 450-500 words in length and properly sourced.

List the questions answered


Question 1: 

Examine the different roles that a manager plays in the financial success of a business.

  1. Include in your response an explanation of the different forms of business organizations and provide a benefit of each type for maximizing profits.
  2. Include in your response an explanation of the different types of financial statements.  Define in detail
  3. Explain the relationship of managerial finance to economics and accounting
  4. Discuss the relationship between stockholders/shareholders, bondholders, and the financial manager.



Question 2:


What is the common accounting equation that reflects the relationship among liabilities, owner’s equity, and assets?  Define each


Place each one in the proper order so that the equation from above equals: (show your work)

Cash  89,000
Accounts Payable 25,000
Buildings 1,000,000
Mortgage Payable 250,000
Retained Earnings 837,000
Payroll Taxes due 9,000
Patient receivables 55,000
Accounts payable:




What is the difference between an expense and a cost


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