Read the page about ADHD on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the link is provided below. Use the close reading techniques described in the Week 1 Lecture Notes to summarize it in 150-250 words. Your summary should be similar to the second paragraph of Stacy Yi’s rhetorical analysis essay toward the end of chapter 2 in the textbook.

Your summary should answer questions like these:

What key facts or details does the CDC share about ADHD?
In addition to the facts, what impression does the CDC create about ADHD? In other words, how does it make readers feel or what does it make readers think about ADHD?
What would motivate the CDC, which is a government institution, to post a page about ADHD?
Why, in your view, is the Web page a good or bad method for the CDC to distribute information?
How do you think the average reader would react to the CDC’s page about ADHD?
(Hint: Do not try to summarize every detail. It will be helpful to think of the CDC’s page in terms of its sections, rather than its many facts.)

Link to Centers of Disease Control’s website:


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