Chapter 1: Napoleon

Chapter 1: Napoleon

1. Write a paragraph comparing the positive reforms Napoleon instituted in his empire (such as the abolition of serfdom), with the negatives (such as censorship).

1. List and describe the long-term causes of the French Revolution.

2. Why were Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette so unpopular?

3. List and describe the Three Estates.

4. What was the immediate cause of the French Revolution?

5. What was the Estates General? What was the difference between voting by “head” versus voting by “estate?”

6. Why was the Tennis Court Oath and the writing of a constitution so important?

7. Who were the three primary leaders of the French Revolution? What happened to them?

8. How was Napoleon defeated?

1. In the essay “On Commerce” Voltaire compares the British and the French. Who does he think is superior and why? Please provide two quotes to explain your answer.

2. In the essay “On Toleration” Voltaire is describing a specific kind of tolerance. Tolerance of what?

3. Based upon the essay, what do you think is Voltaire’s opinion of religion?

4. These essays where both published well before the French Revolution. What about their content predicts what would happen in 1789?


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