Choose a country other than the United States that interests you

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Choose a country other than the United States that interests you. In 3-4 double-spaced pages, discuss the dominant values in that country to the best of your knowledge. In what ways does the country tend to lean toward collectivism values? Individually-centered values? What influenced the development of these values, <link is hidden> religion, philosophies, market, <link is hidden> What types of human rights are emphasized in the country? What types are not? Discuss the population, subpopulations, economy, dominant political views. religion and other factors important to the country. Note: Use evidence to support your position and scholarly sources whenever possible.

I would like to choose the country of England. The professor likes APA 7 format. He also would to subheadings to ensure that each point that are mention above to ensure they are all talked about. He would like at least 5 sources. He also said he wants sources that are most current. However, he said 2015 onward should be fine.


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