Choose a philosopher who interests you

Choose a philosopher who interests you. Research that philosopher, detailing how they developed their ideas and the importance of those ideas to the progress of philosophy and human understanding. Keep in mind that you should be focusing on their philosophy, not simply their biography, although some basic details of their life not related to philosophy may be needed, especially when it involves experiences that influenced their thinking.


For both options, you will use sources from the TN eCampus Virtual Library or your college’s library (either online or print). All internet sources not found through the eCampus or your college’s library must be approved in advance via email. They should be documented, MLA style, in-text and in the Works Cited page.

The typed body of your paper must be a minimum of 1500 words. This does not count the title, works cited page, and quoted material (if there is any). It should be typed, 12 point font and double spaced. A minimum of three sources must be used, only one of which may be an approved website unless I approve of more (granted you may use as many approved websites as you like, but only one will count toward your three sources). It should be submitted as a Word or Rich Text format file (.doc, docx, .rtf, or HTML). Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I can open it. Files submitted in .pages format will not be accepted under any circumstances. Course materials may be used but will not count toward your three sources. Papers that do not cite any sources will receive a 0, as that is a form of plagiarism, taking information without citing it.


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