Clinical Conceptualization and Assessments

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Clinical Conceptualization and Assessments

This discussion will not be written but rather uploaded as a Kaltura video. In a 5–10 minute video recording, discuss your thoughts of reviewing the five case scenarios and assessments.

Address the following:

  • Which case are you considering for the Unit 3 and Unit 6 assignments, and why?
  • Which assessment would you use to assess the client’s potential for suicide?
  • What other assessment might be applicable and why?
  • How would you broach the subject of a need for a suicide assessment or clinical assessment with your client?

Response Guidelines

Respond to the post of at least one of your peers. Responses should be substantive and contribute to the conversation by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, and presenting supporting information relevant to the topic. Please review the Faculty Expectations for any other requirements for peer responses.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact to request accommodations.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Differentiate between suicide assessments to effectively apply in clinical settings, including crisis.
  • Differentiate between clinical assessments to effectively apply in clinical settings, including crisis.
  • Describe communication strategies with a client regarding the need for a suicide or clinical assessment.
  • Engage in professional behavior, effective communication, and appropriate boundaries during peer and faculty interactions.


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