CLO #2: Analyze qualities and skills of a highly effective, ethical leader

Course Objectives:

CLO #2: Analyze qualities and skills of a highly effective, ethical leader.
CLO #3: Examine the role of the healthcare administrator in leading a high reliability organization.
CLO #4: Critique management principles and skills required for effective operational management of a healthcare organization.

Assignment Prompt:

Write a 3-5 page (not including title and reference page) paper surrounding the topic of emotional intelligence and its role in organizational effectiveness. Consider discussing emotional intelligence and other leadership qualities and skills needed to lead change in an organization.


For this assignment, begin by watching the following TedxUCIrvine talk, The Power of Emotional Intelligence:

After you watch the video, take the Emotional Intelligence Test that you can find located in the required readings for this week.

Now that you have watched the video and finished the Emotional Intelligence Test, use the following prompts as a guide to complete this assignment:

Reflect on Dr. Travis Bradberry's discussion about Emotional Intelligence (EI). What were 2-3 key things you took away from the discussion
Review the results of your Emotional Intelligence Test and assess the key strengths and weaknesses of your results as they relate to the five components of EI. Consider summarizing each of the five components and relate them back to your results in your paper.
Explain the role of EI in leading change in an organization. Consider describing other key traits and characteristics of an effective change leader.

Additional resources:


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