Collectivism vs. Individualism on Performance


Collectivism vs. Individualism on Performance

Questions to be consider:

Now days, many company wants their employee to be efficient and creative. Both collectivism and individualism, have different take on the matter, whether to cooperate or work on individual roles. Collectivism relies on group member which can be very time consuming but as individualist, aren’t they are more time efficient. Would performance greatly different if two culture work together?  What are the different outcomes with different cultures?  Will situation or questions affect the outcome of both groups? Which group that company are more prefer to have? Will their culture affect their performance?

The research paper:  Your research must include 6-8 sources and will be 6-8 pages of content (not including references or title page or abstract or article print-outs). Sources may include other textbooks, books, websites, journal articles, etc.  You may NOT use encyclopedias or dictionaries for sources (no Wikipedia!).

You must include at least five empirical journal articles as sources. Empirical articles will always have a method and results section. 

Your paper will inform the reader about your research on the topic and will answer your research questions. Don’t simply answer your questions in a list format; instead, you should create a research paper that flows together with appropriate subheadings and transitions.

The more research you cite, the better the content will be. Not including the references and the journal articles will result in a loss of points.

The entire paper must be written in APA style, citing sources throughout your paper

*Note: You don’t need to write a methods or a results section since you are not conducting an original research study.

You will need to be able to examine and critique literature on both sides of the issue and draw some conclusions based on the research studies you have read. A critical analysis of the research information is useful, but do not use first person language. Your sources should mostly be empirical. Empirical means that they are research studies and not just factual/theoretical sources.

THIS PAPER MUST INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT THAT YOU WRITE (250 word summary of your findings)

Scoring of Written paper:

Accuracy & Depth of information                                                                                              40 points

Writing style  (spelling, punctuation, professionalism etc)                                              20 points

Abstract quality                                                                                                                 10 points

References throughout paper (APA style usage)                                                 10 points

References page at end of paper (including 5 empirical article copies of 1st page)10 points

Proposal (approved and turned in on time)                                                                           10 points

TOTAL POINTS FOR WRITTEN PAPER                                                                        100 points


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