Combating Ageism: Describe an individual who defies the stereotypes of aging.

We live in a society that venerates youth. As we grow older, our physical and cognitive abilities often begin to deteriorate, which can lead us searching for a way to return to our younger days. Think of all the lotions and potions available to keep us all looking and feeling young. Its a billion dollar industry. TV, movies and magazines are filled with young people and often stereotype older adults. We are often surprised by people who age well  because weve bought in to a particular idea of what it means to age in this country. My guess is that the older you are, the more youve noticed this.
This assignment has three parts. For each part, answer the prompts in one complete and detailed paragraph.
Part 1:
Describe an individual who defies the stereotypes of aging. This can be a friend, relative or someone famous. Make sure to identify the stereotypes that this person has overcome. Include a photo, video, or article link if possible.
Explain how this person has been able to defy the stereotypes associated with aging. What have they done that has helped them avoid the typical journey into late adulthood?
Part 2:
Provide a link to an advertisement from the internet that is ageist. Describe the stereotypes or misconceptions that the advertisement draws on to get its message across.
Part 3:
Reflect on your own personal experiences and interactions with older adults. Do you have a bias when it comes to these interactions? Taking the Harvard Project Implicit Test for Aging may help you determine if you have an age bias. Note: After reading the disclaimer and selecting I wish to proceed on the main page, you can choose Age IAT to take the test.
What role do our perceptions regarding older adults play in confirming or challenging these stereotypes?


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