Compare and contrast the representations of humans vs animals in Paleolithic art

Compare and contrast the representations of humans vs animals in Paleolithic art, using examples of each that are in the same media (either a painting, carving, or sculpture for both the animal and the human example). How do the artistic styles differ between representations of humans and animals? What might that suggest about Paleolithic culture? Use and define two terms from terms list correctly. Your terms must be underlined. note: give the name of the art

Terms List:prehistoricabstractincisedlow-reliefhigh-reliefmegalithicpost and lintel construction sculpture in the round twisted perspective

Notes on The Summary Papers
• Please don’t share or collaborate with anyone else in the class, anyone in one of the other ARTF 115 classes, or anyone who has already taken it. I want all your own work here.
* Avoid using outside sources: I want to hear your ideas, no one else’s.
* I will be checking each paper for plagiarism using an online program, so do not copy the wording of others. This is also not the kind of paper where you can cite sources with quotation marks and references: I really want to see all your own words, ideas, and work.
* You may have someone help you by checking your spelling and grammar after you have written a draft, but they may not write any of the content for you. This is also plagiarism and I have ways of catching it.
* Since this is a short paper, make the words count. You may not spend time or words describing any aspect of the work of art UNLESS you explain how that is significant to it’s meaning. Interpretation is the key!
* The word limit is very serious. If you are under or over the limit I will mark you down very heavily. Be especially careful of “wasting” words on extra details that don’t add to the paper: 250-300 words is not a lot of words to begin with.
* Please keep your language simple and to the point: I don’t like flowery language in general, and it is often a way for students to meet word counts without saying much of importance. I also don’t like the use of too many “big words”, unless they are vocabulary terms that add to your analysis.
* In general, your paper should read like a conversation with you on your best day, explaining your ideas to your teacher, not a prepared speech you are giving to a room of very fancy “clever” people.


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