Conquering the Freshman Fear of Failure” by David Kirp

*”Conquering the Freshman Fear of Failure” by David Kirp

The information below presents instructions for your first major assignment, however, next week’s lessons will walk you step-by-step through the assignment, including constructing a topic proposal which I will comment on and approve before you begin the paper. The rough draft will be submitted to a separate location for peer review.)

Choose one of the readings assigned for this essay (See this week’s Moodle unit). Take a stand on whether or not the piece persuades its audience of its central argument. This essay is not about agreement with the issue discussed, but instead about the rhetorical strategies the writer employs. Remember, any successful argument makes a central claim and supports that claim with good reasons. This means avoiding logical fallacies.

Your essay should identify in the introduction the reading you select, the audience at which the piece is aimed, its argumentative purpose, and its central argument. The essay should then evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of the given text with emphasis on the writer’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos; the organization, and style of the given piece. Back up your comments with specific details from the text (summaries, paraphrases, and quotes from the text). Your essay should not list your personal opinion of the topic of the essay itself, other than perhaps a brief mention at the end of the conclusion, but rather focus on the success of your author’s writing.

Your paper should be approximately 900 words (800-1,000 words allowed), typed in MLA style, double-spaced, and carefully proofread. You must cite the article you choose on a Works Cited page as you will be paraphrasing and quoting from the essay to prove your points.

Tip: To be successful on this essay, it is important to view the Ch. 6 video lecture where I explain key concepts of a rhetorical analysis and complete homework exercises leading to the finished paper including the topic proposal, rough draft, and review.


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