Rationale to the assignment

The Consultancy Report contributes 55% to the unit mark. This mark comprises of the report (45%) and a presentation (10%) to the clients (with staff present to assess you) and supporting materials where appropriate or needed.


Before any data collection, you (one per group) must fill in an ethics checklist which can be found here: and this must be signed off by your academic supervisor prior to any data collection.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyse the body of knowledge appropriate to the project brief to synthesise potential solutions to meet client requirements appropriate to the context within which this knowledge will be applied.
  1. Produce a consultancy intervention, which is appropriately analytical, professional in style and presentation and meets the needs of the client’s brief
  1. Conduct a professional presentation of findings to the client, listening to and dealing with questions in a responsive and sensitive manner
  1. Engage in a process of critical reflection on the role of self and other group members
  1. Work effectively as part of a team, recognising and supporting the needs of the group, taking a lead role if appropriate and managing conflict.

Assignment Brief

The report (45%) is based on the brief that you have been set. It has no set length as every brief is different, but you should look to be submitting around 5000 words.

The report and presentation slides are to be submitted online, if there is a reason why your project does not suit this (e.g. A DVD and small report), please see Andy and let him know to arrange an alternative submission method ASAP.

Because there is a wide range of projects, you have the ability to decide the weighting for each of the assessed areas:

  • Subject Knowledge and Understanding
  • Intellectual Skills including analysis evaluation and critical judgement
  • Subject-specific skills including applications and problem solving
  • Transferable skills including communication and presentation

This allows a greater flexibility for the variety of projects we generally receive. Pay particular attention to this if you are producing multiple items, i.e. a small report and a DVD.

In deciding on the allocation of marks for the Consultancy Report you will need to refer to the Generic Assessment Criteria for Level 6 (end of this document). The only restriction is that there must be a minimum of 10% for any criteria. You need to discuss and inform your supervisor before submission.

Your presentation (10%) is a repetition of some of your report in a new format for the clients. You are assessed on:

  • Appropriate use of visual materials
  • Presentation skills
  • Answers to questions

Memorandum of Understanding

A MoU form must be produced by ALL research teams (1 per team). This tripartite should include:

  • Finalised project brief
  • Agreed time plan including negotiated time and location of presentation (Date and location of presentation)
  • Spending plan for any monies
  • Agreed assessment criteria for the research report (or equivalent product)
  • Signed off ethics checklist
  • Risk assessment(s) if applicable

It is the research team’s responsibility to get the tripartite signed by:

  • All members of the research team
  • Academic Supervisor
  • The Industrial Contact

You should finalise the project brief as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected expansions in the project specification. The MoU will be covered in the first set of lectures.


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