AEM 2440/6440

Fall 2020

Personal Consumption Analysis Assignment

One of the best things about being in a Consumer Behavior class is that we have the

opportunity to examine our own behavior as we learn about the theory behind Consumer

Behavior. During the first few weeks of the course you will keep a journal of your own

purchasing decisions and hand in a short (5-7 page) summary of the decisions made and

insights gained from them.

While collecting examples, please refer to the following formatting suggestions to

make sure you collect enough data. You will turn in your purchase template.

You may use any format for recording your purchases you wish, but at a minimum should


1. Description of product or services purchased

2. Date of purchase

3. Place of purchase

4. Brand Name: (for each item)

5. Price: (for each item)

6. Reason for purchase

7. Thoughts and feelings associated with the purchase/or while shopping.

8. Notes on anything that influenced your purchasing behavior e.g. Salesperson,

advertising, packaging, friends, store ambience etc.

9. Other Descriptive Information:

a. Types of questions you may want to ask yourself might include:

i. Why did I buy a particular product instead of a competing one?

ii. Did any advertising or promotion influence me?

iii. Why did I buy from this particular vendor?

iv. What were the cultural, family, peer, lifestyle, situational, and

personality influences that led me to this purchase?

v. Was the packaging an influence?

vi. What were my feelings before, during and after the purchase?

vii. Did the method of payment have an influence on my buying


You do not need to record everything you buy but you should make a minimum of 3 entries

per week. In addition to purchases made at stores don’t forget ongoing purchases such as

utilities or online purchases. Also, don’t forget minor purchases such as a pack of gum,

gasoline, coffee etc.

DeliverableThe paper should analyze at least five of your purchases during this period, and the

influences that led you to their purchase in relation to consumer behavior concepts

presented in class. You should note any patterns in your buying behavior and also consider

the implications as to how knowledge of your buying behavior could be useful to marketers.

The paper should include an introduction and concluding or summary statement. Format

should be 5-7 pages double-spaced, 12-point font. You can estimate 250 words per page.

The paper is worth 100 points


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