“Covid-19 testing for all”

“Covid-19 testing for all”

Presentation of the rationale for a community project

For this assessment you must:

Plan a community project in your own community that could respond to this issue.

The plan should include:

a. your analysis of the specific inequality in your chosen area;

b. the main elements of the proposed project.

c. a reflection of your personal strengths and weaknesses to contribute to the project;

Present your plan in a PowerPoint presentation (4 slides) to be submitted to Turnitin (link to be found in the Assessment folder on SY 4000 Moodle) by the 24th of November, no later than 16:00 pm.

Prepare a short 3-minute presentation (with one slide) to be presented in your seminar group (at a date agreed with your seminar tutor. This short presentation does not need to be submitted online)


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