Create a report for the senior management of an organization named Bobco.

Students are required to individually create a report for the senior management of an organization named Bobco. The report is to be designed to provide senior management with the benefits of KM for that organization, the costs associated with it as well as a prioritized list of initiatives that can be implemented within the organization leading to new competitive advantage. Senior leadership should be able to make informed decisions based upon the report. The report receives four scores based upon the students ability to (a) collect appropriate data and conduct the relevant analysis (M2O1); (b) provide sound recommendations of how KM can be used to solve business problems (M1O2; MGMT-LO4); (c) justify the solutions proposed (G2O1); and (d) determine the likelihood that senior management would adopt the proposed actions based upon the report (M4O1). No plagiarism is allowed!! It’ll go through plagiarism software for checking. Please cite every source properly. This assignment counts heavy points, please do your best! I appreciate it.


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