Critical Analysis Assignment

Critical Analysis Assignment #3 FULL INSTRUCTIONS (PDF) Actions

Complete each step below as directed. When you are ready to submit, go to the tab in Module 3 and upload your completed assignment as a Word document. The assignment must be submitted by SUNDAY @ 11:59 pm.

Research Question. Write a descriptive-comparative or causal-comparative question related to your topic. Your question must include both research variables (companion animals and well-being, or childhood adversity and adult criminal behavior). However, you may consider other variables, and you are free to target a specific population hildren, males, non-violent offenders, etc.). You may NOT use an exact copy of one of the example questions provided on the Topics and Readings (2 pts.)
Hypotheses. State the null and alternative hypotheses for your question. (2 pts.)
Reference List. Use the Tips for Finding Good Research Literature document to locate supporting research for your question and hypothesis. The research you find now will be used to develop a Critical Literature Review for CAA#5. The requirements for your research literature are as follows:
At least TWO articles must be chosen from the articles that were provided for your topic articles from the Topics and Readings tab on the index page). You may use as many as are applicable, though.
You must locate at least FIVE articles by searching the library databases. These articles must meet the following criteria:
(1) highly relevant to your topic,
(2) recent (within the last 10 years),
(3) quantitative if primary research, and
(4) from peer-reviewed journals.
You may select either primary or secondary research articles. However, at least FOUR of your articles must be primary
Do NOT include books, book chapters, dissertations, reports, internet postings, etc., among your sources. Only scholarly journal articles may be used for this assignment.
Provide a list of all articles you intend to review in precise APA reference format. (12 pts.)

Quality Rating Protocol (QRP). Read through the following guidance documents FIRST:
(1) How to Conduct a Quality Review of a Research Study

(2) Example Quality Rating Protocol

Then, use the Critical Reading Questions to review ONE of the PRIMARY RESEARCH articles you found through the library databases. You may NOT use any of the articles listed on the Topic and Readings tab for this part of the assignment.

You will review ONLY the Presentation, Justification and Conceptualization, and Sample components of the Quality Rating Protocol (QRP) for your article. For each of the three components you must provide your critical analysis in the NOTES column and highlight your estimated rating in the QRP table provided below.

Be sure that your analysis includes the relevant information from the article, your critique, and the explanation for your critique using the concepts you are learning in the course. You MUST be specific and thorough. For example, it is NOT enough to simply state that “the hypothesis is vague.” Instead, you must state the hypothesis in your own words, indicate what makes it vague, and provide your reasoning. Your reasoning, in this case, should focus on how the vagueness of the hypothesis impacts the study and/or the interpretation of the study. Remember: In a well-written critical analysis, the reader should not need to read the article to understand the critique!

Identify which article you chose to review by providing the full reference (APA format) where indicated in the QRP table below. Use complete sentences for your critical analysis, paraphrase information taken from the article, and provide a page number citation. You may NOT use direct quotations. Single spacing is allowed. (9 pts.)


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