Dance 3001

Dance 3001

Directions: 1-2 pages (20 pts)

PART I: Review Questions (10 pts):

What was society like during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?

Explain the difference between religious and secular dance

What elements were utilized for these categories of dance?

Consider: the purpose, movements (steps) utilized, who danced and where

PART II: Find ONE dance recording of your choice on YouTube (10 pts):

Review Domenico da Piacenza’s 6 prerequisites for dancers. Answer the following:

Are the prerequisites established by Domenico present in the dance you viewed?

To what extent do they correlate or deviate from the prerequisites?

Did the dance share characteristics of religious and/or secular components that were utilized throughout Medieval and Renaissance?

Keeping in consideration the dance you viewed and this week’s lecture, in your personal opinion is today’s generation of dance still influenced from the past? Explain.


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