Developmental Project #1: Adolescence Paper

Developmental Project #1: Adolescence Paper


This paper must be three full pages of content describing all three developmental domains Physical Development, Cognitive Development and Social/Personality Development during adolescence (must include at least two examples in all three developmental domains).

Highlight or title the sections of your paper so it is clear to the reader which domain you are covering.

Please use 12 Font, 1 inch margins and double space.


Choose any six principles or concepts from Chapter 6. There are dozens of concepts to choose from. Concepts are bolded or highlighted ideas with a definition provided in the text.

Choose at least two concepts from each of the three domains and provide at least one personal example of each concept.

Briefly describe or define the concept and then describe how it related to or impacted you during this stage of development.

Give at least one specific example of how each of the concepts related to your development or experience.

Clearly label each developmental domain with the heading and underline and bold the six concepts/principles you are using so they are clearly identified within your paper.

Conclude the paper with how these experiences and influences may impact you in your educational goals, career choices, marriage and parenting.


Please use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling as it will impact your grade. Proof read and ask someone to edit your work prior to turning it in for credit. You, Your and You’re must be used correctly. There, Their and They’re must be used correctly. Always capitalize “I”. Use periods and commas and capital letters where required. Also organize your paper with paragraphs.

These details do matter!


Organization Clear/Flows Difficult to follow Disorganized

Principles and Concepts 6 (2 from each domain)

3 Domains of Development

Cognitive, Physical, Personality

all 3

Concrete personal examples of concepts

at least 6 examples (2 from each domain)

Margins, font, pages

3 full pages

12 font

normal margins

less than 3 pages

Grammar and Punctuation no errors


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