Lemon RX would like you to prepare a consultation proposal by applying the knowledge learned in the class and seminar. Specifically, you will be given a set of semi-sampled data obtained from the online store. You are required to evaluate the performance of the store by analysing the given data. You are required to generate relevant analytics reports and derive insights into and explain the underlying behavioural patterns of the store visitors and the weaknesses of the online store. Finally, you are also required to propose digital marketing solutions that aim at enhancing the business performance of the store by considering as well the ethical perspective.
The Recommended Structure of the Coursework Assignment
1. Executive Summary
2. Audience Analysis
3. Acquisition Analysis
4. Conversion Analysis
5. Recommendations
6. Ethical Considerations
7. References (in APA 6th Style) – if any
8. Appendices – if any.
*Other analyses and reports could be done if they support your recommendations. Exhibits, visualisations and data analysis are essential. These should be clearly annotated.
1. Relevance and alignment to set task (5%)
The work needs to be centered on the set task. Sections in the reports should be closely tied to the set task.
2. Analysis & Insight (40%)
Data needs to be interpreted and not just presented.
3. Data visualisation & exhibits (10%)
Clear and well labelled exhibits need to be deployed. Choices will need to be made about the most illuminating exhibits and what is not shown or put in an appendix. The text must provide logical commentary.
4. Recommendations (30%)
The task requires recommendations to be persuasive. Ethical perspective should be considered while proposing the digital marketing solutions. Recommendations should be referenced with the objectives /KPIs and the reasonable targets set for the online store.
5. Writing/text quality (10%)
Text needs to be clear and elaborate the exhibits. The text must provide logical commentary of exhibits. Overall quality of communication in the report will be considered.
6. Use of literature/ research (5%)
Knowledge on consumers’ behaviours would need to be cross-referenced with the recommendation/insight from the data in a systematic fashion.


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