“diagnose” your writing skills and abilities

Read the following prompt and respond to the set of questions. This is a writing diagnostic which means, your short essay will help me “diagnose” your writing skills and abilities. It will also help me to identify your writing style and writing voice. You will be graded on grammar, mechanics, syntax, and organization. Please format your paper in MLA style sheet.

In April 2012, Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, hosted a lecture and film screening of work by Jiz Lee, described in campus advertisements as a “genderqueer porn star.” After inviting the adult entertainer to campus, the college came under fire by some students and members of the public (especially after the story was reported by national media). Opponents questioned the appropriateness and academic value of the event, which was brought to campus by the Mike Dively Committee, an endowment established to help “develop an understanding of human sexuality and sexual orientation and their impact on culture.” Proponents argued that (1) pornography is a subject that deserves critical analysis and commentary, (2) the Dively series is intended to create conversations about sexuality and sexual orientation in society and culture, and (3) treating any potential subject in an academic setting under the circumstances of the program is appropriate. What are your views? Should adult film stars ever be invited to college campuses? Should pornography constitute a subject of analysis on campus? Why, or why not?


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