Did BTS “pave” the way for the Kpop industry

Did BTS “pave” the way for the Kpop industry

To do so, you will need to develop a clear argument about your position, use evidence to support your position, and fully explain to the reader why your position is the correct one.

As a first step, choose the debate you want to work in. It is vital to understand each side of the debate, the origins thereof, and why it matters to participants in this group. Once chosen, you need to develop the major argumentative points for your perspective on that debate, and flesh out evidence to help support your argument. For this assignment, the major elements we’re focusing on are developing evidence, properly positioning yourself in the argument, and using rhetorical tactics to appropriately persuade your audience. One required aspect of this assignment is to answer the opposition. You will need to acknowledge the arguments of your opposing side, what is relevant of those arguments, and then ultimately refute them. Without fully understanding the perspective of the opposing side you cannot effectively argue against them, and your objective is to be persuasive to your audience regardless of where they stand on the issue.


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