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For this discussion board post an introductory paragraph on your topic. You can add factual information and cite statistics and cite. For example: I am creating a discussion board on Electronic Healthcare System Issues. I could use the scholarly literature to give me some facts and use the facts in the introductory paragraph. Then when you invite your guests post a question in the discussion board for the internet group.

What has been your experience with Electronic Healthcare System Issues? Since you are creating a discussion board and asking your invitees to share their experience. You will then have to assume the role of the expert on the topic and post a response supported by scholarly literature. So yes, this is somewhat like the D2L discussion posts.

This discussion board can relate to an experience people are having with any topic.

Required Text Book:

Title: Informatics and nursing: Opportunities and challenges 6th edition, Jeanne Sewell

ISBN-13: 978-1496394064


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