Diversity and Inclusion From a Health Care Business Management Perspective

Diversity and Inclusion From a Health Care Business Management Perspective

uppose you are a leader in a health care organization. Senior leadership would like to better understand how the organization rates in terms of workplace diversity and inclusion. You have been asked to prepare a short report on this for senior leadership.

To complete this assessment, you will first need to choose a health-care-related organization to use as the basis for the report. You may choose the organization where you currently work or where you have previously worked. If you have not yet entered the health care field, you may use an organization in a different industry.


Write a 3–4 page report that addresses the following:

Explain how an organization can be diverse within the overall staffing mix yet not be considered inclusive and truly culturally competent in its practices.

Evaluate the organization’s staffing structure, organizational culture, and practices in regard to diversity and inclusion.

Evaluate the organization’s efforts to ensure diversity in its supply management.

Discuss the possible reaction of senior leadership to the evaluation. How might your report influence the actions they take?

Be sure you support your statements and evaluation with relevant scholarly or professional resources. Format your report and citations according to APA guidelines.

Additional Requirements

A title page and a references page.

3–4 pages, double-spaced, in addition to the title page and references page.

At least two current scholarly or professional resources.

APA format.

Times New Roman font, 12 point.


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